Music Together® @ SoKnow Studio



What ages do you accept?
Music Together classes are offered for ages 0-5; infants are accepted as soon after birth as the parent feels comfortable bringing them. By age five, a child should have the basic musical knowledge and skills that they have learned in class and are ready for more formal instruction. Families may then register for lessons at SoKnow Studio if they so choose. Our Music Together classes are mixed age, in order to provide a complex set of musical experiences. Younger children will benefit from watching older children, and older children can be given more leadership in class. This helps build social skills, self-esteem, and friendships!


What are your session dates?
We have three ten-week sessions each year (Fall, Winter and Spring). In addition, two short 5-week sessions may be offered in the summer.


How much does it cost for a session?
For a 10-week session, tuition is $230 + tax per child. New families will also be charged a one-time $20.00 registration fee. Tuition for second child in a family is $185.00 + tax, while tuition for any additional children is $100.00 + tax. Infants under 8 months are free with a registered sibling. Summer sessions are shorter and have appropriately reduced tuition. Tuition details are available at the studio.


What do I get with my tuition?

Tuition includes 10 classes, an illustrated songbook with ideas for at-home activities, and two CDs of the class song collection. Families new to Music Together will receive the "Music Together at Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically" booklet and DVD set to help in understanding and encouraging children's musical behavior.

Registered families also have access the online Family Music Zone, where they can download an extra copy of the music and find more activities, and the "Hello Everybody" app for easy streaming on the go.


How long are the classes?

Each class is 45 minutes. We encourage families to arrive a few minutes early in order to settle into the classroom before starting.


How many children are in each class?

We may have anywhere from 3-10 children in a class, but our target class size is 6-8 children, plus primary caregivers. Attendance may fluctuate, as we do offer demo and makeup classes, but the general enrollment will remain the same.


Can I try a class before registering?

Yes! We invite you to attend a free demo class with your child. You may schedule your demo online at (Under the "Classes" tab, please select "Schedule a Demo")


Can we join an ongoing class?

You can join a class that is already in session up to the 8th week. After the third week, you may join us in the next session. We offer prorated tuition for new families who join partway through the session.


Do I have to choose just one class and then always attend that class?

To keep classes consistent and cohesive, families register with the intent to attend at the same time every week. This helps children and adults to become comfortable with the other participants and enjoy their class. However, we do allow makeups.


What if I miss a class?
Each family may use up to three makeup classes per session. In consideration of other families, we ask that you kindly give us advance notice if you must miss a class. Makeup classes are scheduled on our website, and you may choose to attend any class that has an available space. Makeups are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. It is the responsibility of the family to either attend all their classes or schedule their own makeups for missed classes. Tuition cannot be refunded for any missed class. Makeups cannot be "rolled over" to a subsequent session.


Can one parent bring more than one child?
Yes, our mixed-age classes allow siblings of different ages to be in the same class. We highly encourage families to attend together!


Can both parents attend?
Absolutely! Parents may also alternate bringing their child if they so choose.


Can a grandparent or babysitter bring my child?

Yes! However, we still encourage parents to get involved by singing the songs at home or in the car with their child. The songbook and two CDs provided with each session help to facilitate parent and family involvement.

What do parents do in the class?

Participation is at the heart of Music Together - "together" includes you! We do ask that parents participate to the best of their ability. No one will be judging you or monitoring your skill level, as we're all too busy making music ourselves! The adults in class act as a model for their children, being active examples of not just making music, but enjoying it and having fun. Your child thinks you are the best musician in the world - and they are the ones that matter. The more involved you are, the more your child will engage with and enjoy the class!

Do we play instruments in class?

Yes! We use a variety of percussion instruments and props in each class as an addition to the overall music experience, rather than as an instructive activity. The instruments are all percussive and child-safe. Percussive instruments provide immediate access to musical exploration for all learners, so children can experiment and play at their individual level.


I'm worried my child won't behave in the class. What should I do?

Music Together classes focus on experiential learning. Children are welcome to interact in their own developmentally appropriate way. The program is designed to ensure that children get solid musical experience whether they seem engaged or not. If your child develops worrying behavior (i.e.; hitting, running, or anything unsafe), please feel free to talk to your teacher.


Can we eat in class?

We ask that no open food or drink be brought into the classroom. Please feel free to finish any food outside of the classroom before or after class. You may also step out of class at any time.

What kind of music do you use in class?
The Music Together curriculum includes traditional songs from many different cultures, as well as original songs written by the founders of the program. The curriculum is crafted to provide a diverse, well-rounded musical experience through the entire song collection. Songs are written or arranged in keys that are most easily heard and processed by young children.


Do all your classes have the same music?

Not at all! We have NINE different song collections that rotate through the course of three years; however, all classes in a single session will use the same collection. Each collection features 25 to 30 songs representing a diverse collection of songs and chants.


Can I bring older siblings to class?

Older siblings of registered children are welcome to visit on an occasional basis; please arrange any visits with the studio prior before bringing any non-registered siblings to class. Children attending regularly must be registered in the class.


What if I need to cancel my registration?

There is a 30% non-refundable deposit upon registration. You will receive a tuition refund minus the deposit if you request to cancel your registration before the first day of the session. No tuition refunds are given for cancellations after the session begins. If you withdraw after the first day of the session, a credit for the tuition amount minus the 30% deposit amount may be issued at the studio's discretion. Credit may be used for future Music Together or SoKnow Studio classes.

Please note that you are not automatically withdrawn from a class you do not attend. We are not able to offer a refund on your tuition unless we are informed of your intent to withdraw prior to the start of the session.